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Pokai- Moderator Application Empty Pokai- Moderator Application

Post by Pokai on Thu May 30, 2013 9:43 am

Steam Name: Pokai

SteamID: Don't know where to find it :/ will edit this in

Current Rank: Member

Current Age: 17

Average Time Spent on SGT: As I am new to the server i currently have about 30 minutes worth of game time on this server, however I carry over 200 hours from Lockdown. Hopefully this can transferable ( if you like) over from Lockdown.

What You Bring to the Community: I wanted to create a moderator application on Lockdown but was un-sure as the Moderator position is quite hard to come by unless you sport a near perfect application. I have no Moderator experience whatsoever ( have to start somewhere) but I am happy to learn and listen about how to be an effective moderator. I am a friendly person, looking for a friendly server where I can have some fun and get along with everyone. I could sit here and do the usual " I will deal with RDM and banish all bad from the server", but I feel there is more. Yes, I will carry out the usual tasks but would like to represent the server well. On occasions I do swing the odd crowbar but under different circumstances things change. I have Never in my 1 year of innocenting and traitoring blatantly RDMed or damaged in excessive amounts. I hope to further get to know the admins and hopefully patch any possible problems I have caused ( pretty sure I haven't ;)) Thank-you so much for reading this. Also with my Mic, I have one but rarely use it as I don't see a point, happy to fire the old thing up
EDIT: If it makes any difference at all, I have been taking leading roles in clans/guilds in an MMO called "World of Tanks". Basically involves strategy and army style leadership". Been playing that game since 2011, just thought I'd add it in you never know...

People Who Will Confirm This: I have no support at the moment, but seeing this is mostly new I maybe thought that the "people who will confirm this" would be important later down this servers track.

Current Hours on Garry's Mod:447

Do You Have A Microphone? Yes, As I said before, happy to fire the mic up.


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