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Ban Appeal/Request template Empty Ban Appeal/Request template

Post by Genius. on Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:49 am

Below are the templates for making a ban appeal/ban request thread, make sure you follow this template or your thread will be ignored.

Template for appealing a ban:

The thread title should be "Ban Appeal: <Your Name>" (e.g. Ban Appeal: Genius)
Steam Name: Genius
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:00000000
Admin/Mod that Banned You: Ripple
Time and Date of Ban: 25/4/13 1:30 PM
Reason for Ban: Mass RDM
Reason I Should Be Unbanned: I didn't even mean to shoot those 7 people in the head!

Template for requesting a ban:
The thread title should be "Ban Request: <Player's Name>" (e.g. Ban Request: Ripple)
Offender's Steam Name: Ripple
Offender's Steam ID: (use 'status' in console or use
Time and Date of Offense: 12/3/13 7 PM
Details of Offense: There were no Mods/Admins on and he was going around shoting everyone in sight for a whole map!
Suggested Consequences: 2 - 4 week ban
Other Players Present: ToastRAM, Reubenr34
Evidence: This screenshot of the damage logs. (screenshots, logs and demos are all acceptable here)

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